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17 May 2021
Shakil Mahmud
Shakil Mahmud
1 April 2021
Jahidul Islam
Jahidul Islam
11 March 2019
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Nayeem Hossain
5 February 2018
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taslima begum
taslima begum
13 January 2018

Here are some skills acquired by me over the years.

From 2001 I’m in Touch with Computers.

Operating System & Troubleshooting

Setup and maintain operating system in Hard Drive, and other Devices. Know how to use Virtual Box, VMware, Dual Boot, Bios Boot, Bios Controlling, Troubleshooting, Antivirus Protections etc. Maintaining Email, Online Escrow Accounts, Money Transactions. Solving Problems using Online forums. System Restoring, Backup, Disk Partition & Formatting.

Graphics Design

Logo, Banner, Web Graphics (header, image resizing, buttons, background), Billboard, Banner, Brochure, Book, Booklet, Catalogue, Photo Gallery, Animation (Flash & Swishmax), 3d Logo, 3d Arts.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Paint, Aurora 3d Animation Maker, 3d Studio Max, Maya, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Fireworks, Swish Max, Artsteer CSS designer, Corel Draw, Flash Slideshow maker, MS Publisher

Web Design, Publishing

Website Design, Publishing, Web Hosting Management, Server Management, Email Management, Web Portal Management, Form Submission and Feedback Management, Content Management System, Image and Video Uploading to the website, Resizing Image & Edit Video to maintain Server Web Application Management, Multiple Module Management, Forum Management, Administrator and Moderator Role Playing, Search Engine Optimization (implement & tools).

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

  1. Desktop (Personal): Featuring AMD Ryzen5 2600 3.4Ghz Processor With Asus Zotac GTX 1660 6GB AMP GDDR5 Graphics card, Including 2TB Western Digital Blue HDD and 40″ Singer FHD Monitor + 16GB DDR4 3200M Ram. Using Desktop PC since 2001.
  2. Laptop (Personal): Asus ROG gl552vw-dh71: Intel Skylet Core i5 3.2Ghz (6thGen) + 8GB DDR4 Ram + Nvidia 960M Mobile GPU+ 15” FHD Monitor. Using Laptop since 2010.
  3. Mobile: Asus Zenfone 2 Laser: 5.5” FHD, 3GB Ram, 8 Core Processor. Using Mobile since 2005.
  4.  Walton Prelude S41 Notepad + Tablet.
  5. Dell Inspiron 5500 Laptop
  6. Raspberry Pi 3 (Sysnova Computer)
  7. I Can Assemble a Personal Desktop Computer. A novice Trouble Shooter.
  8. I Can Setup Windows, Linux, and Solaris OS for user.
  9. I Can Setup Wifi Network using Laptop Hotspot + Wifi router/ Dongle.
  10. I Can do presentation with Projector, Own a Mini Projector.
  11. I Can Work in Multiple Terminals.
  12. I Can work with Raspberry pi, Playstation, X-box, Tablet Pc, Android/ IOS tabs.
  13. Printer, Scanner, DSLR Camera, Web Cam, Digital Camera.
  14. Can operate and connect Switch, Hub, Wifi Router, Laptop/Mobile Hotspot, File Transfer, Various External Computer Device & setting/fetching driver from internet or included CD/DVD.

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