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“Cadillacs & Dinosaurs” is a classic arcade video game that was released by Capcom in 1993. The game is based on the comic book series “Xenozoic Tales” created by Mark Schultz. It combines elements of beat ’em up gameplay with a post-apocalyptic setting featuring a mix of dinosaurs and futuristic technology.

The game is set in the 26th century, where humanity has survived a cataclysmic event and now coexists with dinosaurs in a world filled with danger. Players take on the roles of characters like Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Mustapha Cairo, and Mess O’Bradovich. Each character has their own unique abilities and playstyle.

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The gameplay involves battling through various stages, fighting off not only dinosaurs but also various human enemies and bosses. Players can use a variety of weapons and melee attacks to take down their foes. The game supports up to three players in cooperative mode, allowing friends to team up and take on the challenges together.

“Cadillacs and Dinosaurs” gained popularity due to its engaging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and the nostalgic appeal of fighting dinosaurs in a futuristic setting. It has since become a cult classic among fans of arcade games from the 1990s.

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The development of “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs” is an interesting tale that involves the adaptation of a comic book series into an arcade video game. Here’s a brief overview of the development story:

  1. Source Material: “Xenozoic Tales” Comic Series: The game is based on the comic book series “Xenozoic Tales,” created by Mark Schultz. The comic series featured a unique blend of post-apocalyptic themes, dinosaurs, and futuristic technology. It provided a rich and imaginative world that served as the foundation for the game’s setting and characters.
  2. Capcom’s Interest: Capcom, a renowned Japanese video game developer and publisher, saw the potential in adapting the “Xenozoic Tales” comics into a video game. They approached Mark Schultz and obtained the rights to create an arcade game based on the series.
  3. Game Design and Development: Capcom’s development team began working on translating the comic’s world and characters into an engaging arcade experience. The team decided to blend beat ’em up gameplay mechanics, popular at the time, with the unique setting of the comics.
  4. Character Selection: The game’s roster of playable characters was carefully selected from the comic’s cast. The main characters included Jack Tenrec, a mechanic and dinosaur hunter; Hannah Dundee, a scientist and ambassador; Mustapha Cairo, a mechanic and former thief; and Mess O’Bradovich, a strongman and mechanic.
  5. Art and Design: The game’s visuals drew inspiration from the comic’s art style. The developers aimed to capture the comic’s aesthetic while adapting it to the limitations and capabilities of arcade hardware. The result was a visually striking game with vibrant graphics and detailed character designs.
  6. Gameplay Mechanics: “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs” featured side-scrolling beat ’em up gameplay, where players would move through various stages, defeating enemies using a combination of melee attacks and ranged weapons. The game also incorporated elements of co-op play, allowing multiple players to team up and tackle the challenges together.
  7. Release and Reception: The arcade game “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs” was released in 1993. It gained attention for its unique concept, engaging gameplay, and impressive visuals. Players enjoyed the opportunity to battle dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic world, and the game became a hit in arcades.
  8. Legacy: The game’s popularity led to ports on various gaming platforms, and it remains a beloved title among fans of retro arcade games. Its legacy also includes cultural references and nostalgia, making it a recognizable part of 1990s gaming history.

In essence, the development of “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs” involved Capcom’s creative adaptation of a comic book series into an arcade game that successfully captured the essence of the source material while delivering an enjoyable and memorable gaming experience.