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I saw you pass me by….
I observed you avoiding me..
but I also heard your cry.

I cant always keep doing this
I know I’ll always be the one you miss
but I wish you’ll find bliss .

I know you’ve kept me in the dark
You thought I’ll be blinded by love
But I always knew what lurks (in the shadow).

I know you couldn’t hate me,
you knew you couldn’t make me hate you,
But we both knew love wasn’t a option for us.

I always tried to help you
I thought you appreciated my help
but I never thought you could become a betrayer…

I opened my heart to you
I tried to make myself wrong and make you right
but even my self-humiliation couldn’t keep our friendship

The things you liked about me became the things you hate.
Must have been a very difficult and punishing decision to make,
Because there were too much intersection in the things we liked.

I like when people point out my mistakes
I thank them and later I want to correct them
but was there any ? I beg to know….

I wanted to conclude this with something good
I figured that would be impossible
and you and I still have so much to loose….

you wish you could have a friend deleting option in real life too right ?