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Hi! This is Shamim Arafat Speaking!

Hi, this is Shamim Arafat! I started my professional career 10 years ago. I am a  fast learner about given project and do know how to complete them in time.  I am also  a Lecturer in Information & Communication Technology in a college here in Bangladesh. I started my career as a website designer back at 2007. Since then i’ve worked over 150+ website projects. I’ve completed 60+ School management websites back at 2015. From starting of my career I’ve created websites for

  • E-business , Real Estates , School/College management,  Newspaper,  Blog,  Overseas Companies,Hospital Management ,Showbiz , Event Management, Madrasha, Shop, Show Room etc

I also done some works for Event Management, SHAHRUKH KHAN LIVE IN DHAKA’10: Antar Showbiz, it was a life turning and memorable project for me. During this project I’ve created

  • Website, TVC [ Television Commercial] , Billboard, Banner, Brochure, Presentation, Ticket Design, Ground Placement for Billboards, Banners etc

Works in Progress

www.productsforest.com : E-Commerce Website
www.hrmfit.com : Company Website based on Singapure
www.knowyourfirst.com: Blogging website

www.theonlinepress.net: Canadian Based Online Newspaper
www.pruasnews.com: Local Online Newspaper
www.itechbdpro.com : Blogging Website

Call me may be?
+88 01717 030687,
+88 01851 283847, +88 01933 355518

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